Soccer Sports Betting

Soccer Sports Betting Categories

One cardinal rule of sports betting is always paying attention to the fundamentals. Both newcomers and those with years of experience can benefit from this. For instance, there are two sports betting categories that players at TonyBet Zambia and other bookies use constantly. 

Here’s a straightforward breakdown of what each of the betting categories involves.



Futures are forecasts of the future, which is pretty self-explanatory. This is the far-off future, to be exact. Can you predict the champions league, for instance? Who’ll score the most goals during the tournament? Or who will take home the trophy as the tournament’s MVP?

It’s common practice for futures betting to offer better odds before a tournament begins. As the time of an event approaches, the probability will change. Likewise, once a competition has already started, the future odds will change to reflect the progress of the game.

When betting on a tournament winner, for instance, waiting until the tournament is down to the final four teams (the semifinals) will offer substantially lower odds than betting on the same team before the event begins while the entire field is actively in play.


Match betting could appeal to the person who dislikes having their money locked up while waiting for a future bet. When spectators have a purpose to watch, participate in, and root for a result in a game that otherwise wouldn’t be very engaging due to the betting odds, it can be a lot of fun.

Fans can wager on nearly every aspect of a match, including the outcome, the number of goals, the goal scorers, the number of cards given to each team, and other options.

Although the best performers tend to emerge over longer periods (such as an entire season in the case of futures bets), betting on a single game might provide a seemingly chaotic series of results. This is typical in sports.

Soccer Bets 

Soccer Bets

The wagers in the futures market are typically obvious (team to top a group, team to win the title, etc.). When betting on a single match, though, your betting options expand dramatically.

Here are just two examples of the various wagers that may be placed on a single soccer match, both of which are very popular among soccer bettors.


Bets on the outcome of a match, known as the “Moneyline,” are the most common type of sports wager. Here, you can bet on who wins, losses, or even bet on a draw.

Spread /Handicap

If the odds are too great, it may not be worth considering a money line bet (for instance, a well-known strong team against a smaller team with little or no edge). At that point, you’d consider a spread bet or a handicap bet, as it is sometimes called.

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